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  • Dermatology

    Veterinary dermatology is the study of animal skin, ear, coat and nail diseases. Skin and coat problems are common in our pets, especially during the warmer months. Common signs of skin disease include chewing, biting, scratching, licking, shaking the head, hair loss, bumps or scabs, foul odor and color or texture change of the skin or coat.

    There are many causes of skin problems, including allergies, fleas, ticks, mites, infections (bacterial and fungal), hormonal and behavioral. Effective treatment relies on the correct diagnosis for the individual patient. Depending on your pet’s condition, specific testing may be recommended. These tests may include allergy testing, skin scrapings, skin or ear cytology, fungal or bacterial cultures and biopsies.

    Once a diagnosis is made, we can recommend the best treatment for your individual pet. Examples of treatments for skin problems include topical sprays or creams, medicated shampoos, prescription diets, dietary supplements, oral medications and allergy injections.